Assessment Services

The Asante Centre is committed to helping build compassionate, knowledgeable communities that work together to support individuals with FASD, autism, or other brain based disabilities and their families to reach their full potential.
To do so, we believe that appropriate assessment and diagnosis prevents behavioural labels and helps each of us to better understand the individual and his or her needs.
The Centre is pleased to work with a variety of referral streams, including options for:
Visit our Assessment Process page to understand the various assessment processes, including how to prepare for an assessment.

It has been our experience that families and caregivers often seek services for their children during transition periods such as elementary and high school entry, pre-adoption, and transition to adulthood.  Individuals sometimes seek assessments during times of crisis such as problems in school, trouble with the law, and employment issues.  We also receive requests for assessments for adults who may be struggling with mental health issues, substance misuse, and independent living.

The staff at the Asante Centre work with individuals, families and advocates to develop detailed plans for the future care of a child, youth or adult suspected of living with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or other complex developmental needs.  The Asante Centre recognizes the value of the unique experiences of families, care workers and advocates and all are encouraged to contribute to the planning process.