Community Services for People with FASD

The Asante Centre is committed to connecting individuals and families with appropriate services in the community.  If you know of any helpful services designed for people with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), or other brain-based disabilities you would like to see listed, please contact us.


British Columbia Aboriginal Network on Disability Society (BCANDS)

BCANDS serves people of Aboriginal descent who have disabilities and live on or off reserve in the province of BC.  Their services are eclectic, often acting as case managers to help individuals connect to a variety of resources in the community.


Community Living British Columbia (CLBC)

CLBC, a provincial crown agency mandated under the Community Living Authority Act, delivers supports and services to adults with developmental disabilities and their families in British Columbia.  Adults must meet eligibility criteria either under the Developmental Disabilities stream for people with an intellectual disability, or the Personalized Supports Initiative (PSI) stream.  PSI is designed for individuals who do not meet the IQ criteria for having an intellectual disability, but have both a diagnosis under the umbrella of either FASD or Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD) and an adaptive functioning assessment indicating their daily living skills fall three standard deviations below the norm.  Contact CLBC for more information on eligibility criteria as well as the individualized services they provide.


Disability Alliance BC (DABC)

Tax AID DABC is a free, confidential tax preparation service for people receiving provincial disability assistance (PWD or PPMB). More than 20,000 people receiving disability assistance do not regularly file their income taxes. This means they’re missing out on hundreds of dollars each year. For example, the GST credit, BC sales tax credit and carbon tax credit can provide an extra $400-$500 annually. Tax AID DABC’s main focus is helping PWD/PPMB recipients who haven’t filed their taxes in years to get caught up and start enjoying the financial benefits of regular tax filing.

How can your organization help?

  • Refer PWD and PPMB clients with unfiled taxes to Tax AID DABC (contact info below);
  • Allow us to send you Tax AID DABC brochures and posters;
  • Tell your networks about Tax AID DABC through social media (#TaxAidDABC);
  • Link your website to the website;

For more information about Tax AID DABC, please contact Sam Turcott at 604-872-1278/1-800-663-1278 or, or visit Tax AID’s website at


We are writing to announce the launch of FASCETS Canada!  FASCETS Canada is a satellite agency of the original FASCETS in Portland, Oregon, and continues the work of FASD expert, Diane Malbin.  FASCETS Canada provides training, education and consulting services in the Neurobehavioural Approach for parents and professionals, to support the development of effective, brain-based, person-specific accommodations. 

The Neurobehavioural Model operationalizes, and is supported by, 50 years of research on the brain.  This model is considered emerging best practice for the successful support of people with FASD and other neurobehavioural conditions such as acquired brain injury, ADD, ADHD and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. 

Nathalie Brassard (FASCETS Canada West) and Nancy Hall (FASCETS Canada East) would be happy to talk with you about your training needs and provide training or consultation services for your organization and community partners.

You are welcome to contact us for more information, to book a workshop, or to access our consultation services: or


FASD Advanced Diploma Online: College of New Caledonia, Lakes District Campus

This post-diploma program is designed for professionals who are working with individuals or families living with FASD.  Classes are provided in a supportive online environment.  Students gain university credits that can be used toward social, justice, education and health professions.  This program will provide students with skills to improve services for individuals with FASD, impact policy development, and design effective intervention and prevention services.   Up to 3 courses in the Diploma Program may be taken without registering in the full program.


FASD/CDBC Key Workers

FASD/CDBC Key Workers assist families in understanding FASD and other Complex Developmental Behavioural Conditions by providing education and information specific to the needs of the child and family.  They are familiar with community resources and  can assist families in accessing supports such as health and education services.  They also provide emotional and practical support to families.

Key Workers recognize that each family is unique and that children do best when their individual strengths are recognized and built upon in a supportive environment adapted to meet their needs.  A Key Worker works with parents and caregivers, family members, and service providers in identifying ways to adapt the child's environment in response to the his or her needs.  The Key Worker also strives to empower the family to become their own best advocates for their child.

The FASD/CDBC Key Worker Network also offers Parent Support Groups in regions across British Columbia, addressing the unique needs of foster, adoptive and birth parents of children birth - 19 living with FASD and other complex developmental disabilities.  Each community differs in time and location.  Please contact your local Key Worker or the Asante Centre for more information.

For a listing of Key Workers by region visit:



The FASTRACK Program is designed for primary/intermediate students who have FASD and who are experiencing difficulty in the regular classroom environment.  The program is housed at Creekside Elementary in Surrey, BC, and provides a small class setting and extra staff support.  Student Support Services assigns a special education helping teacher and a district behaviour specialist to act as liaisons to this program.


Forest and the Femme

Forest and the Femme is a non-profit outdoor recreation group based in Vancouver, B.C. They provide support for women with cognitive barriers such as FASD as well as addictions, poverty, racial oppression, and involvement in the survival sex trade.  Forest and the Femme's mission is to connect this underserved population with the chance to enjoy the benefits of nature through outdoor opportunities in the local region. Their aim is to nurture a sense of accomplishment and empowerment that translates into all areas of life.


Parent Support Services of BC

This website provides information about parent education workshops and support circles in various communities in British Columbia.


Sunny Hill Education Resource Centre (SHERC)

SHERC houses a unique collection of books, videos, journals, board games, curricula and various educational props and materials designed for children with disabilities.  It also has very specific materials and props to accommodate a number of communication barriers and alternate learning styles experienced by some individuals with disabilities.  Resources are loaned to persons with disabilities and their families, care-providers and professionals working in the field within BC.  The loan is free of charge and can be arranged in person, by phone, email or fax.

Surrey-White Rock Children and Family Resources
The Children’s Partnership of Surrey-White Rock, formerly the Office of Early Childhood Development, Learning and Care, provides the community of Surrey-White Rock with a forum to collaborate, plan and network with other professionals working to support and nurture families and children. Through the work of three community tables, public and community organizations work together to share a common vision and collective responsibility for the health and well-being of children in Surrey-White Rock.

Totally Beautiful and The C.R.E.W. Inclusive Social and Learning Groups for Young Adults with FASD

See the Events and News section for upcoming sessions, or contact Sarah Phillips at for more information.

Totally Beautiful and The C.R.E.W.: Courageous. Respectful. Energy. Warriors. are inclusive social and learning groups for young men (aged 16-26) and women (aged 16-24) living with FASD.  Groups help participants build self confidence and social skills, allows them to meet other individuals with FASD and supportive peers, and offers light meals, group discussions and fun breakout activities.  Sessions are free of charge, and take place at Chuck Bailey Recreation Centre in Surrey (close to Gateway Skytrain Station).  The sessions are a program of Soroptimist International of Surrey/Delta.

West Coast Alternate Program

West Coast Alternate provides services to youth, 13-18 years of age who have a diagnosis of an FASD and an IQ over 70, who are experiencing difficulty in the regular classroom/school environment.  The program is a partnership with the Vancouver Board of Education, Pacific Community Resources and Vancouver Coastal Health.  The program focuses on academic and social/behavioural aspects as well as providing community and pre-employment opportunities.


YWCA Crabtree Corner

YWCA Crabtree Corner hosts a variety of programs to support families living in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside, with several programs specifically related to FASD prevention and intervention.  Crabtree Corner offers several publications on FASD and supportive housing for pregnant women overcoming substance misuse issues, as well as education and support for individuals and families.