Roadmaps to Understanding FASD: Education Series

Have you ever caught yourself wishing there was a roadmap or guide to help you work and live more effectively with individuals with FASD?  The Asante Centre is happy to offer the “Roadmaps to Understanding FASD” Education Series! 

Join us in examining a variety of topics relevant to prenatal alcohol exposure and resulting neurodevelopmental impacts.  While there are no magic tricks, we can work together to navigate the often mysterious and confusing world of FASD!  Join us for individual sessions or for the entire series.

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*Please note that the Roadmaps to Understanding FASD Education Series is not currently available.  Please contact the Asante Centre if you would like to arrange for private presentations of any topic for your organization.


Recognizing the Issues: FASD Facts

Before you start planning a trip you have to realize that you need a vacation!  This session will provide you with the knowledge of FASD you need to recognize just how much you don’t know, and where you can start learning.  So if you have found yourself wishing for a strong background in FASD, or it has been years since you received training and you still think in terms of FAS/FAE, this session is for you!  It will bring you up to date on the impacts of alcohol exposure and common challenges of FASD, providing you with a baseline for supporting individuals living with this surprisingly prevalent disability.


Planning Your Trip: Assessment and Diagnosis

Before you can move forward you must know your starting point and mode of transportation, as well as have a realistic destination in mind.  Every person with FASD is unique, and it is assessment and diagnosis that gives you the tools required to navigate the world of FASD for that individual.  This session will focus on the process of assessment from referral to diagnosis.  Participants will be introduced to the ways an individual suspected of FASD can access diagnostic services, the records required to support the diagnosis, and what to expect during the assessment process.  Although specific diagnostic measures will not be discussed in detail, the process of assessment and deliberation will be reviewed.


Taking the First Step: Making Sense of a Diagnostic Report

So you have a game plan and know where you want to get to, but can’t seem to get out the front door.  What do the diagnostic terms mean?  What exactly are percentiles?  In order to be effective at any stage of intervention with individuals with FASD, you must take the first crucial step towards translating the diagnostic report into practice.  Join us to tackle the mysteries of a report, whether the assessment was for FASD, other complex developmental needs or a standard psycho-educational.


When the GPS Goes Awry: FASD and Communication

Have you ever felt like a person with FASD hears you but doesn’t understand, misinterprets what you’re saying, or just doesn’t seem to get it?  For a person with FASD, it can feel like trying to navigate the world with the ambiguous directions of a GPS that’s been set to the map of a different city.  This session will review the possible areas of communication deficit which are common for many people with FASD, impacting their ability to socialize, learn, find and keep employment, and adapt to new environments.  Impairments often change from childhood to adolescents and the range of difficulties will be discussed.  Strategies to support communication with individuals with FASD will be highlighted.


Asking for Directions: Supporting People with FASD

Unfortunately the same map doesn’t work for every person, and we’re bound to take a few wrong turns along the way.  But the more we know about the route, where we want to end up, and especially the more willing we are to stop and ask for directions, the more chance we have of arriving at our destination!  If you already have a strong foundation in FASD but are still looking for ways to apply your knowledge in real life, this is the workshop for you!  Including both presentation and working group formats, this session will leave you with new ideas and strategies, as well as the chance to combine efforts with others struggling with similar concerns.  Come with a challenge in mind to address, and learn to apply the knowledge you already have!