Resources for Individuals Living with FASD

If you have FASD or suspect that some of the challenges you face may be because of alcohol use when your mom was pregnant with you, you are welcome to contact the Asante Centre at any time. Our phone number is 1-866-327-7101, or you can email us at .  We are happy to answer your questions as best as we can. 

Read the stories of adults living with FASD, and even consider sharing your own.  We hope you find the resources below helpful to understand what FASD is, and things you and other people can do to help you be successful. 


The Best I Can Be: Living with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome or Effects

Kulp, L. (2000) Better Endings, New Beginnings

Thirteen year old Liz takes readers into the mind of a young teen with FASD, sharing insight, understanding and ideas on the challenges she faces and how to best support her.  This resource is available for purchase through Odin Books in Vancouver, and Barnes & Noble.


Braided Cord: Tough Times In and Out

Kulp, L. (2010) Better Endings, New Beginnings

Liz Kulp, aged 23 at the time of writing, shares her journey into adulthood.  Through eight years of journals she writes with depth and insight about her experiences living with FASD.  This resource is available for purchase through Barnes & Noble and Amazon.


Drawing Hope

The Healthy Aboriginal Network (2011)

Living with FASD - Drawing Hope is a collection of five comics, based on stories told by individuals with FASD of the Whitecrow Village community.  The stories are about struggling in school, the importance of friendships and receiving support from friends and family.  This resource is available for purchase through The Healthy Aboriginal Network.


FASD Learning Series: Myles Himmelreich

This video series is particularly helpful for people who struggle with reading or would prefer to learn visually.  Sharing from personal experience, Myles speaks to what it is like to live with FASD on a daily basis, what his journey has been growing up, and what he needs in order to have success today.  Some of the topics Myles discusses are how FASD has affected him and his interaction with his environment, issues and barriers he's experienced, his capabilities and strengths as well as what individuals can do to support people living with FASD.


FASD Life Skills Videos: Whitecrow Village

The Whitecrow Village Life Skills Workshop series offers persons with FASD an opportunity to explore issues of personal challenge through interdependent group sharing and the use of mixed media. The videos in this playlist have been entirely conceived of, written, and produced by youth and young adults with FASD, and are the culminating projects of various 8-12 week group sessions.  Please visit for more information on the program and/or how to become involved.


I Am a Man Who Cries

Mann, M. (2012) Calendula Farms

Micheal Mann discusses growing up with FASD through an engaging combination of poetry and prose.  While he has struggled as a young man with a disability coming from the foster care system, including times living on the streets and dealing with addictions, Micheal is currently clean and sober and living with his adopted family.


I Can Be Safe Online

A website designed to help individuals with FASD and similar disabilities learn how to be safe online, including when using social media sites.


Little Heroes #1: FASD

Chasnoff, I. (2003) NTI Upstream

This comic is designed to help parents explain FASD to their children.  The stories are all true, and guide parents through story and pictures to help children with FASD understand why they behave the way they doThis resource is available for purchase through Odin Books in Vancouver.


The Long Way to Simple: 50 Years of Ideas to Live, Love and Laugh as a Person with FASD

Neafcy, S. (2008) Better Endings, New Beginnings

Author Stephen Neafcy shares his story of living with FASD, offering strategies he has used over the years to achieve and sustain success.  The language is user-friendly and offers a faith-based perspective.  This resource is available for purchase through Odin Books in Vancouver.


So You Have Been Diagnosed with FASD - Now What? A Handbook of Hopeful Strategies for Youth and Young Adults

Boyle Street Education Centre (2007)

This handbook is designed to help young adults with FASD learn more about what the diagnosis means, and offers strategies to help individuals better understand themselves, improve their relationships, manage their feelings, do better in school and live a healthy life.


West Coast Alternate Cookbook

West Coast Alternate Program (2010)

Designed and implemented by students and staff at West Coast Alternate Program for youth with FASD, this cookbook is for the chef with FASD or those learning to cook for themselves.  The cookbook has large print, easy to cook recipes with many photos of the steps.  The accompanying DVD features videos with a narration of "how to" cook the recipes.  This resource is available for purchase through Westcoast Alternate in Vancouver.