General Resources on FASD

Beautiful Smiles, Gentle Spirits

Michaud, M. and Michaud, S. (2003) Temeron Books Inc.

This book helps to “build on the momentum that FASD awareness needs.  From the street level, it makes the case that this momentum requires judicial education, a standardized screening procedure, resources and an accessible 'port of entry' into FASD assessments within the court system, and lots and lots of perseverance.”


Better Endings New Beginnings

Better Endings offers information on the prevention and intervention of FASD, including the stories of adults living with FASD.  The site highlights publications by Liz Kulp, a young woman with FASD who has authored several books on her experiences.


Calgary Fetal Alcohol Network (CFAN) 

CFAN provides resources, educational opportunities and awareness events relevant to FASD within the region of Calgary, Alberta.


Canada FASD Research Network

CanFASD is committed to building research capacity and knowledge in relation to FASD policy and practice, and offers links to research publications and educational forums across Canada.


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

The CDC’s National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities offers basic information on the prevention, diagnosis and intervention of FASD as well as many other disabilities.  The site offers many materials free for order, including informational handouts in English and Spanish.


“Eight Magic Keys”

Anchorage School District, Concepts by Deb Evensen and Jan Lutke

This is a short twenty-minute animated video that introduces the topic of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD). It demonstrates key strategies that have been proven to help students who experience brain-based disorders become more successful in school and in life. Scenarios depicted in this video represent both secondary and elementary situations. Join Mario as he talks about what it is like to live with FASD.

Evaluation of FASD Prevention and Support Programs

This website compiles evaluation frameworks, methods, tools, and indicators of success to support the work of community-based FASD prevention programs for pregnant women and new mothers, and supportive intervention programs for adults and older youth with FASD. Included is a section where you will find helpful resources and tools related to evaluation of FASD programs specifically and evaluation in general.


Evaluation of FASD Prevention and Support Programs

Nota Bene Consulting Group and BCCEWH. (2013) 

This publication provides a definition of FASD-informed practice and discusses key elements of an FASD-informed approach to service provision. 


FASD: Across the Span of Childhood

Chasnoff, I., Bailey, G., Groessl, A., Pratt, C., Schwartz, L.D., West, C., Telford, E., Schmidt, C., Messer, G., and Bailey, L. (n.d.) NTI Upstream

FASD: Across the Span of Childhood is a handbook for parents and healthcare providers who want to learn more about FASD and how it is manifested from the newborn period through adolescence.  Each chapter includes concise learning objectives, criteria for diagnosis, recommendations for early intervention, and strategies for the home and school.  This book is available for purchase through Odin Books in Vancouver.


FASD: A Framework for Action

Public Health Agency of Canada (2005)

The Framework is a tool to guide future action on FASD in Canada.  It is designed to inspire the planning and implementation of policies and programs that prevent FASD through the efforts of those in communities, provinces, territories and at the national level.  The Framework for Action aims to strengthen the system of supports and services in order to meet the needs of those affected by this lifelong disability.


FASD: Finding Hope

The Knowledge Network (2009)

In this video, families living with FASD, educators and healthcare professionals share their stories of hope to raise awareness of FASD.


FASD Informed Practice for Community Based Programs 

College of New Caledonia (2013) 

This publication was developed as a result of recommendations from an FASD Consultation meeting in Vancouver in March 2012. It provides practical information and steps that support FASD informed practice.


FASD Interventions Across the Lifespan 

This blog is a project of the Canada FASD Resarch Network's Intervention Network Action Team. The blog discusses perspectives on FASD intervention including research, news, and current events.


FASD Pocket Cards

Pacific Community Resources Society



These FASD Pocket Cards are intended to assist police and other criminal justice workers understand some of the limitations an individual with FASD may have regarding understanding abstract legal concepts.


FASD Relationships: What I Have Learned About Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

Densmore, R. (2011)

Rod Densmore offers a unique perspective as both a medical practitioner and a parent of a young adult with FASD.  Densmore has successfully compiled research findings on a large variety of topics relevant to FASD and translated them into user-friendly language.  


Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and How Drugs Affect Pregnancy

New Beginnings: Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation. 

A comprehensive educational website for those who want to learn more about pregnancy and fetal alcohol syndrome.


 FASD: Strategies Not Solutions

Region 6 FASD Committee (2007)

This is a strategies booklet to educate caregivers and the community in managing the behaviours commonly associated with FASD.  Strategies are broken down into various categories, and are intended as a guide with the recognition that no strategies will work for all individuals.


FASD Support Network of Saskatchewan

The Network is a community-based, parent-led organization providing support services and resources relevant to FASD for individuals and families in Saskatchewan.


FASSTAR: FAS Community Resource Center,

FASSTAR and the FAS Community Resource Center offer publications and information sheets on a broad range of topics relevant to FASD, both for caregivers and service providers.


Fetal Alcohol and Drug Unit (FADU): University of Washington

FADU is a research unit dedicated since 1973 to the goals of studying FASD across the life span, disseminating research information, providing consultation for individuals affected by prenatal exposure to alcohol, and intervening with high-risk mothers to prevent future births of children with fetal alcohol and drug effects.


Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: Building on Strengths – A Provincial Plan for British Columbia 2008-2018

Ministry of Children and Family Development (2008) Government of British Columbia

Building on Strengths highlights accomplishments since the release of BC's first FASD Strategic Plan in 2003 and provides a framework to guide provincial, regional and community efforts to address FASD over the next decade.


Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Consultation, Education and Training Services, Inc. (FASCETS)

Led by Diane Malbin, FASCETS has created change in FASD services through the framework of “trying differently rather than harder.”  The site offers basic information on FASD, educational opportunities and links to other resources.


Helpful Information About Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) in Waterloo Region

This site is intended to offer strategies, tips and community supports for families. Included are resources for educators and other professionals that can be used when supporting children and youth diagnosed under FASD.


Justice for FASD

Being an adolescent male can be hard. But add to that an invisible disability affecting how you learn, how you think and how you behave…It can soon become a nightmare. Daniel and Jakob are two teenagers who have a surprisingly common and yet largely misunderstood disability - Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.

Watch the full episode now!


Know FASD: Alcohol in Utero Knowledge Base

This site helps viewers get to know FASD across the lifespan and learn about interventions.  Information is broken down by age and gender.


Lakeland Centre for FASD

Located in Cold Lake, Alberta, Lakeland Centre offers assessment and diagnostic services for FASD, resources, information and publications on both FASD prevention and intervention.



Motherisk provides a vast array of resources and information relevant to FASD, including access to Fetal Alcohol Research (FAR), official journal of the FACE Research Network and formerly known as the Journal of FAS International.


My Invisible World

Winokur, M. (2009) Better Endings, New Beginnings

Through the eyes and words of an eleven year old sister, two separate stories within the same family are told.  Being the sibling of a child with special needs has its own unique challenges that often go unrecognized, unseen. 


The Mystery of Risk 

Chasnoff, I. (2010) NTI Upstream

Dr. Ira J. Chasnoff distills the complex process of attunement a substance-exposed child and parent undergo as the child grows from infancy to adulthood.   Scientific evidence and true stories of children reveal how prenatal exposure to alcohol and drugs induces a child’s biological vulnerability to environmental stressors that later prey on that vulnerability. 


National Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (NOFAS)

The leading voice for FASD prevention, advocacy and support in the Unites States, NOFAS offers a wealth of news releases, information and resources. 


SAMHSA FASD Centre for Excellence,

SAMHSA provides a multitude of information on FASD intervention and prevention, as well as many substance abuse and mental health related concerns. The site includes countless valuable publications, many of which are available for free download.


TIPS: Thoughts, Ideas, Practices and Strategies for Working Effectively with Children Who Have Alcohol Related Disorders

Child Guidance Clinic (2008)

TIPS provides tried and true practical ideas that have been used by the authors who have children with alcohol related disorders, including concrete suggestions that can be used for early years and middle years students.  The book is organized around the teaching/learning and the social-emotional environments. 


Trying Differently Rather Than Harder (Second Edition)

Malbin, D. (2002) FASCETS, Inc 

A classic, this book provides a readable, narrative discussion of the neurobehavioral approach for working effectively with children.  This resource is available for purchase through FASCETS.


Whitecrow Village

Whitecrow Village offers a broad range of programs and services related to FASD, including L.I.F.E. Session family camps, education on FASD, support for adults experiencing challenges with addiction, and more.