Management Team

Allison Pooley, Executive Director

Allison has been with the Asante Centre since 2009, and Executive Director since 2017. Allison began working in the field of FASD in northern BC, now carrying almost 15 years of experience in supporting individuals and families with neurodevelopmental disabilities.

A certified teacher, Allison has benefitted from working in public as well as early childhood and adult education. She has collaborated on initiatives addressing neurodevelopmental disabilities within family services, criminal justice, employment, and health systems.

Later completing her Master of Arts in business leadership, Allison also brings a passion for cross-sector collaboration, values-based leadership, and sustainable social programming to her role. She is committed to integrating trauma-informed best practices, cultural responsiveness, and expertise of individuals with neurodevelopmental disabilities more deeply throughout the Society’s activities. Her accomplishments relevant to the position include:

  • Development and delivery of regional, provincial, and national training series on various aspects of FASD for thousands of participants from various backgrounds and sectors, including service providers, clinicians, caregivers, students, and international diagnosticians;
  • Instruction of college-level coursework on specialized aspects of FASD, as well as university-level coursework on administrative competence;
  • Successful program evaluation and curriculum development for college-level coursework on FASD and other neurodevelopmental disabilities;
  • Co-author of FASD and Developmental Trauma: What Employers Need to Know, Promising Practices in Substance Abuse Treatment for Justice-Involved Youth with FASD, and FASD Resource Toolkit: FASD Mentoring Project;
  • Project coordination for the resources FASD and Communication Disability: Strategies for Youth in the Legal System, the Youth Probation Officers’ Guide to FASD Screening and Referral, and the Maple Ridge: Tuning into a Compassionate Community project;
  • Instruction for adult basic education courses for individuals with FASD;
  • Facilitation of parent support and advocacy groups;
  • Co-chairperson for the FASD Collaboration Roundtable Committee and Chairperson for the Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows Katzie Nation Substance Misuse Prevention Committee;
  • Collaboration to redesign FASD bylaws and awareness materials for the District of Maple Ridge; and,
  • Content writing related to neurodevelopmental disabilities, including website materials, newsletters, social media, blogging, media articles, pamphlets, and booklets.

Brian MacKenzie, Business Director

In his role as Business Director, Brian, CGA, is responsible for the accounting and financial management of the Asante Centre as well as assisting with Human Resources.  He has  extensive experience in public accounting and financial controllership as a former partner in a multi-province accounting firm.  Brian joined the Centre in 2008 as a consultant and became an employee in 2011.