Members of the Roundtable

The Committee is made up of a team of committed, passionate community representatives with experience in FASD and awareness of relevant needs.  We have a broad variety of backgrounds and include both family members and service providers.  Contact if you have any questions about membership.  Current members are listed below, including their host organization and role with the Roundtable as of 2014.

Paul Gordon, PLEA Community Services, Member

Paul.jpgPaul Gordon is a Program Manager with PLEA Community Services. He is responsible for the Youth Justice Programs which are primarily community-based alternatives to custody for youth who are sentenced, complemented by the KidStart Mentoring Program for youth diverted from court.  PLEA services are consistent with the requirements of the Youth Criminal Justice Act, and support youth justice program principles including safety, rehabilitation and minimizing the use of custody.


Sara Griffiths, PLEA Community Services, Co-Chair

Sara GriffithsSara Griffiths is a Program Manager with PLEA Community Services. She is responsible for the U-Turn Specialized Residential Program which offers services to young people who have not experienced success in other residential programs. The services offered to youth are tailored to fit their needs which may include mental health, addictions, individual counselling needs and extensive community support. After 19 years of working as a youth worker, school counselor, and FASD coordinator Sara has encountered many young people and families living with FASD. Her understanding and passion regarding FASD came after 7 years as a foster parent trying to navigate the system and support children who were sadly misunderstood.  She has spoken at International, National and local conferences about the importance of understanding this brain based disability, using her experiences as a reference point for teachable moments. Sara provides FASD training within PLEA and the community.


Kim Hetherington, Ministry of Children and Family Development, Member

Kim HetheringtonKim Hetherington is a social worker with MCFD in the Fraser Region who has developed an expertise in the science of childhood adversity and its impact on child’s development and functioning through her extensive research and training.   Kim is training in Dr. Bruce D. Perry’s Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics Certification Program to continue to enhance her clinical skills.  Kim’s social work experience has included child protection, family service, guardianship, resource social work, and Dispute Resolution Consultant.  Kim supports East and South Fraser in her role as a Guardianship/Children & Youth with Special Needs Consultant.  Kim also provides trauma informed care support as a coach for the Complex Care Intervention Program in East Fraser.  Kim’s passion to share emerging knowledge pertaining to this exciting practice approach has resulted in the establishment of six Trauma Informed Communities of Practice monthly meetings in East and South Fraser encompassing participants from various agencies, ministries, and community partners.  


Roxanne Hughes, Pacific Community Resources Society, Secretary

Roxanne Hughes has been an FASD Key Worker with PCRS for the past 8 years, since the inception of the program in BC. She provides support to families who are parenting youth (ages 12-18) who have FASD or complex needs (difficulties similar to FASD).  In addition to one to one family support, Roxanne also facilitates monthly parent support groups and offers training to a broad range of community partners.  She has a Bachelor’s in Social Work and is currently working on a Master’s in Social Work degree.


Cheryl McIntee, Touchstone Family Services, Member

Cheryl McIntee is a Registered Professional Counsellor with the Canadian Professional Counselling Association. She has a BA in Clinical Counselling from Westbrook University, and a Diploma in Professional Counselling from the Vancouver College of Counsellor Training.  She has 14 years of experience in the field of mental health, and has been an FASD Key Worker for the past five years.  Cheryl is compassionate in her work with individuals living with an FASD as well as their caregivers, and strives to support families to make healthy bonds.

Elizabeth McWilliams Hewitt, Behaviour Education, Consultation and Training, Member

Elizabeth McWilliams Hewitt, MA Ed., has worked in the field of developmental disabilities, including FASD, ASD and anxiety in a variety of settings including respite care, residential, school and home-based programs for over 15 years.  Through her private practice Elizabeth provides consultation to families and support teams in the field of developmental disabilities; service is based upon the unique needs of the individual, their development and what is meaningful to the person and their family.  In addition to her consulting work, Elizabeth also works as a sessional instructor at the University of the Fraser Valley in the Early Childhood Education/Child and Youth Care programs.  This is a rewarding experience in which Elizabeth has the opportunity to share her passion with future practitioners.


Allison Pooley, The Asante Centre, Co-Chair

Allison PooleyAllison joined the Asante Centre in 2009 as the Family and Community Support Coordinator, and became Program Director in 2011.  Her role is multifaceted, combining aspects of program coordination, communications development, client and family support, and Centre management.  Allison has been involved in FASD prevention and intervention efforts for numerous years both in northern BC and the Lower Mainland, including work in early childhood education, the public school system and adult support settings.  She has provided direct support for families raising children and youth with FASD, and applies her experience to inform her practice in terms of education, consultation and resource development opportunities throughout the province.­­­­­­­­­­­

Cathy Sales, Douglas College, Member

Cathy brings her understanding and skills to the Roundtable.

Richard Willer, Ministry of Children and Family Development, Member

Richard WillierRichard Willier, BA, BC Aboriginal Youth Probation Specialist, follows Aboriginal spirituality and is a Youth, Native and FASD Advocate. His passion in working with those experiencing FASD led him to assist in developing a National FASD Screening Tool in 2007.  He’s referred many Youth for an assessment; created an FASD Cheat Sheet; been involved in a number of FASD projects; and presented FASD materials at the International FASD Conference and the Annual Fall FASD Conference in 2009, the Edmonton International Prevention of FASD Conference in 2013, among numerous groups since. He cofacilitates an FASD caregivers group. Richard has been part of the FASD Fall Conference planning committee for the past 5 years and the FASD Collaboration Roundtable group since its inception. He’s noted as a change maker.


Marsha Wilson. Douglas College, Member

Marsha WilsonMarsha has worked for over 30 years with individuals with disabilities and their families in various educational settings.  For about 20 years she was involved in adult vocational training, and has spent a number of years, developing program approaches for FASD that are models to be replicated. Marsha is particularly adept at program creation and curriculum development that works for FASD, and uses her critical thinking and advocacy skills to take on leadership roles in the formation of innovative projects for FASD.   She  is an educator in the Classroom and Community Support Program at Douglas College, and the founder of the Langley FASD Parent Support Group.  Marsha has recently accepted a position on the National FASD Family Advisory Committee with The Canadian Northwest FASD Research Network.  She parents a 27 year old son who has FASD who has been her greatest teacher.

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