Minga Marketplace: The Resource Centre for FASD and Related Disabilities

Minga Marketplace is a largely online resource centre, offering a broad variety of resources and gift items related to Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) and other related disabilities. 

Please see www.mingamarketplace.com for more information, as well as a full listing of items available.

For printable information on Minga Marketplace, download the brochure.


What are Minga Marketplace's goals?

Minga Marketplace has several goals:

1. It is a place where professionals, agencies, and individuals can locate and purchase a comprehensive selection of FASD resources and products including published articles and books, packaged programs, CDs and DVDs, as well as craft and gift items. 

2. Using staff expertise, Minga Marketplace will develop new resources to educate and support those who are working with clients living with FASD and their families, in the fields of both prevention and intervention. 

3. Minga Marketplace will create opportunities for individuals living with FASD to use their talents to create pieces of art to be sold through the centre, as well as work to provide employment opportunities for the community of youth and adults living with FASD through the development of social and employment skills.


How does Minga Marketplace work?

Minga Marketplace offers consignment opportunities for resources of all types relevant to FASD.  Please contact the Asante Centre for more details on how to consign materials or to request specific products you would like to see offered.

Minga Marketplace is a social enterprise.  All proceeds support the prevention and intervention efforts of the FASD Society for BC, governing body of the Asante Centre and Minga Marketplace.

In order to support the FASD Society for BC, please consider creating a link from your agency website to ours at www.mingamarketplace.com.


What is a minga?

The concept of minga has existed for centuries, since the time of Incan rule.  In Quichua, an indigenous language of Ecuador, "minga" means "the coming together of a community for the betterment of all” and was often considered each individual’s duty to society.  Community members can call a minga if they are in need of assistance, and people will come from miles around to help.  In modern times, mingas may be called to build or repair roads, water systems, schools and more.  The mood is always festive despite the demanding labour.

Minga Marketplace was selected as a namesake to recognize that the prevention of FASD and support for individuals with FASD and their families is a community concern and requires a coordinated response.  It is a beautiful and hopeful message, and the Marketplace hopes that through awareness efforts and increased accessibility to appropriate resource materials, that more positive changes for families will be seen.

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