Resources for Parents and Caregivers

Adopting a Child Living with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

Lawryk, L. (2011) OBD Triage Institute

Adopting a child involves the readiness to learn everything you can about all of their prospective needs.  The objective of this guidebook is to give readers medically accurate, fair and balanced answers to common questions regarding adoption of a child with FASD.  


The Broken Cord

Dorris, M. (1989) Harper Collins & Row

Michael Dorris writes this heartfelt story of his son growing up with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.  This book is available for purchase through Minga Marketplace.


Calming the Storm

Lakeland Centre for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (2005)

Calming the Storm is a quick-reference book of strategies for parents, guardians, and caregivers who care for individuals with FASD.  It is also available in French upon request.  


Caregiver Curriculum on FASD 2014 

FASD and Child Welfare Community of Practice

The purpose of this curriculum is to provide a venue for caregivers including foster parents, families, kinship care, youth and child care workers, child welfare services, and others trying to understand and cope with many of the life challenges faced by children with FASD.


Damaged Angels: a mother discovers the terrible cost of alcohol in pregnancy

Buxton, B. (2004) Knopf Canada

Damaged Angels recounts Bonnie Buxton's struggles to raise an adopted daughter whom she didn't realize was living with FASD.  Her book offers guidance to parents who have children with FASD.  


FASD Families

Supports and resources for families caring for children with FASD.


FASD Forever

FASD Forever, by creator Jeff Noble, offers information, resources, educational opportunities and gift items related to FASD.  While valuable to service providers, the site including mailing list and social media groups are particularly relevant to parents and caregivers.



FASD Lane is a community designed specifically for parents and caregivers of adults living with FASD, and includes written and video resources as well as an online forum.


Finding Perspective: Raising Successful Children Affected by FASD

Lawryk, L. (2005) OBD Triage Institute

Since no two individuals are ever affected by prenatal alcohol exposure exactly the same way, the goal of this book is to provide specialized methods designed for the patient's unique abilities as opposed to a generalized FASD approach.  Most of the ideas in this book have been long established in foundation by the real experts – parents.  


Let's Talk FASD: Parent Driven Strategies in Caring for Children with FASD

Victorian Order of Nurses (VON) (2005)

These parent-driven guidelines have evolved from the first hand experience of those living with FASD and those that care for them and respond to a community need for tips, techniques and strategies that are empirically proven by parents themselves.


Living With FASD: A Guide for Parents

Graefe, S. (2003) Society for Special Needs Adoptive Parents

Bringing up-to-date and comprehensive information about FASD, this edition includes the latest Institute of Medicine diagnostic criteria and terms, special considerations for infants and adolescents, parent needs, and an expanded resource list.  


Living With Prenatal Drug Exposure: A Guide for Parents

Cowan, L. and Lee, J., (2003) Society of Special Needs Adoptive Parents

Modeled on “Living with FASD: A Guide for Parents”, this book for parents and professionals introduces the challenges of caring for a child prenatally exposed to drugs.  It offers practical techniques and strategies, debunks well-known myths, and explores social issues.  


Recovering Hope: Mothers Speak Out about Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) (2004),

This DVD contains video interviews with birth mothers of children with FASD, and encourages all mothers to get help for themselves and their children.  The set includes a printed discussion guide for addiction counselors and brochures for consumers.  This DVD set is available for free order through SAMHSA.


Strategies Parents Find Helpful in Raising Their Children Living With FASD

Rajwani, C. (n.d.) St. Michael's Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Diagnostic Clinic

This booklet highlights strategies families have found helpful raising their children with FASD, broken down into a variety of ages and topics.