Aboriginal Resources

Aboriginal Approaches to Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

Ontario Federation of Indian Friendship Centres (2002, Rev. 2008)

www.ofifc.org/, www.ofifc.org/pdf/20080101_Aboriginal_Approaches_FASD.pdf

Through the sharing of personal stories, this special report provides a look at the efforts in Aboriginal communities over the past three decades to support individuals and families with FASD.


The Best Start in Life: What Youth Need to Know about Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

BC Aboriginal Child Care Society (BC ACCS) (2005)

www.acc-society.bc.ca/, www.acc-society.bc.ca/files_2/fetal-alcohol-spectrum-disorder.php

BC ACCS, together with a group of Aboriginal youth, developed a video and facilitator’s toolkit that targets teenagers who may wish to gain a greater awareness of and understanding about FASD.  The video package is available for purchase through BC ACCS.


FASD Toolkit for Aboriginal Communities

Ontario Federation of Indian Friendship Centres (2005)

www.ofifc.org/, http://www.ofifc.org/pdf/20080415_FASD_Toolkit.pdf

This is a user-friendly resource for front line workers working with children, youth, adults and families living with FASD.  Ideas are based on the Aboriginal Medicine Wheel Concept.


Fetal Alcohol Syndrome among Aboriginal People in Canada: Review and Analysis of the Intergenerational Links to Residential Schools

Aboriginal Healing Foundation Research Series (2003)


This report examines FASD within a historical context of the experiences of Aboriginal peoples in Canada.


It Takes a Community: A Resource Manual for Community-Based Prevention of FAS and FAE

Minister of Health (1997)


A Framework for the First Nations and Inuit Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Fetal Alcohol Effects Initiative, this resource provides a guide to preventing FASD in Aboriginal communities.


Journey through the Healing Circle

LaDue, R., and Hartness, C. (2000)

www.dshs.wa.gov/ca/fosterparents/videoJourney.asp, www.bcands.bc.ca/resource-information-services/

The book and video series is narrated by Aboriginal Storyteller Floyd Red Crow Westerman, who uses animal stories to talk about children with FASD and the challenges families often face.  Videos can be viewed for free online through DSHS Washington or the full series can be purchased through BCANDS, as per the above website links.


Preventing Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder in Aboriginal Communities: A Methods Development Project

P. Masotti, M. A. George, K. Szala-Meneok, A. M. Morton, C. Loock, M. Van Bibber, J. Ranford, M. Fleming, and S. MacLeod (2006)


This project provides a discussion and examination of efforts to build research capacity among Aboriginal communities in the area of prevention of FASD. 

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