Community Education and Training

For more information on any of the Asante Centre's education and training events, please contact us.


Educational Activities

Members of the the Asante Centre team, including clinicians, program staff, and individuals with FASD, develop and host workshops, present at conferences and participate in a variety of community educational activities. Upcoming sessions that are open to community members can be found in the Events and News section.

Alternatively, the Centre offers fee-for-service training for agencies or communities seeking greater understanding of FASD and related concerns.  Topics and format are tailored to the specific audience and their needs, and may include prevention of prenatal alcohol use, introduction to FASD, assessment and diagnosis of FASD, strategies for support, the impact of FASD in legal settings, classroom accommodations for students with FASD, strategies and self-care for caregivers, communication disabilities, mental health concerns, substance use, and more.  All workshops are tailored to the needs of the audience in terms of topic, length, format, location and presenters.  All sessions take a holistic, trauma-informed approach.

In-service workshops are by invitation, by calling the Centre at 604-467-7101, or emailing  Estimated fees are:

  • $500 per half day, or $1000 for a full day presentation by an individual Asante program staff or staff member with FASD in the Lower Mainland of BC
  • $750 per half day, or $1500 for a full day integrated presentation by both an Asante Centre program staff member and staff member with FASD in the Lower Mainland of BC
  • An additional $500 for travel time and expenses billed at cost for presentations in BC but outside of the Lower Mainland
  • Presentations held outside of BC will be evaluated individually for travel costs
Fees include: speaking time, preparation, and travel as per above.  Room space, catering, and printing costs are the responsibility of the inviting organization.  The topic, speaker, and presentation format (including participant numbers) are flexible as per the needs of the audience.

International FASD Awareness Day

September 9th of each year marks International FASD Awareness Day, the ninth day of the ninth month in honour of the nine months of a healthy gestation.  The celebration began in Auckland, New Zealand in 1999, reminding us all of the importance of avoiding alcohol during pregnancy and breastfeeding.  Today communities in every time zone of the world host local events to raise awareness and create understanding of FASD, both in terms of prevention and appropriate support for those living with FASD.

Each year the Asante Centre hosts an event in the Ridge Meadows area to celebrate International FASD Awareness Day.  For more information on plans for this September, please visit the events and news section of our homepage.


Consultation Services

The Asante Centre provides professional consultation services for the support of individuals living with FASD.  Whether you are a teacher, a lawyer, a medical practitioner, a social worker or a family member, the Asante Centre can provide appropriate expert advice and one-on-one instruction to help you support a child, youth or adult with FASD.  Please also see our services section for information on peer mentorship and consultation.


Onsite Experiential Learning

Service providers are offered the chance to attend the Asante Centre to observe the assessment and diagnostic process, as well as for FASD training specific to their field.  Service providers, ranging from medical doctors to parole officers, can learn about prevention, intervention, strategies and best practices.