Resources for the Diagnosis of an FASD

Assessment and Diagnosis of FASD among Adults: A National and International Systemic Review

Public Health Agency of Canada (2011)

This project reviews existing literature in relation to adult diagnosis of FASD, including the benefits and challenges to assessing this population.


Diagnostic Guide for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders: The 4-Digist Diagnostic Code – 3rd Edition

FAS Diagnostic and Prevention Network (2004) University of Washington

The Diagnostic Guide offers a comprehensive approach to the diagnosis of individuals with prenatal alcohol exposure using the 4-Digit Diagnostic Code.


Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: Canadian Guidelines for Diagnosis

Chudley, A., Conry J., Cook, J., Loock C., Rosales T., & LeBlanc N. (2005) Canadian Medical

Association Journal (CMAJ)

This document was produced by the Public Health Agency of Canada's National Advisory Committee on FASD and provides an analysis of current approaches and recommendations for the application of diagnostic practice of FASD-related disabilities across Canada.

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