Resources for Educators

FASD: A Quick Guide for Schools

Lakeland Centre for FASD (2007),

This book is quick reference tool for schools to improve the experience of students with FASD, and is also available in French upon request.  The resource is available for purchase through Lakeland Centre and Minga Marketplace.


Forgetful Frankie: The World’s Greatest Rock Skipper

Bobula, J., and Bobula, K. (2009) Wildberry Productions

The inspiring story of Forgetful Frankie reveals the world of a child living with FASD in an entertaining and educational way.  This engaging story helps readers develop a greater understanding of FASD and a sense of empathy and compassion for those living with the condition, a great resource for helping classmates understand a student with FASD.  This resource is available for purchase through Minga Marketplace.

Learning about FASD: A Teaching Package for Post-Secondary Institutions,

Saskatchewan Prevention Institute (2009)

This resource is meant for use by post secondary instructors and professors to assist in providing information and education about FASD to students enrolled in professional programs where in the future they may work with women of child bearing age.  The DVD contains digital copies of the print resource as well as a copy of a PowerPoint that can be used in classrooms.  The package is available for free order through the Saskatchewan Prevention Institute.


Making a Difference: Working with Students Who Have Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders

Yukon Education (2006) Government of Yukon Government

This guidebook for educators offers an understanding of children whose brains have been impacted by prenatal alcohol exposure, specifically in terms of the implications for learning and engagement in the classroom.


Re: Defining Success: A Team Approach to Supporting Students with FASD

Alberta Education: Learning and Teaching Resources Branch (2009)

This strategy guide offers ideas, actions and strategies that mentors, community support workers and coaches can use to support students with FASD in their school environment.


Teaching for the Prevention of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: Grades 1 - 12

Alberta Learning, Special Programs Branch (2002)

Examining a variety of topics related to the prevention of FASD, this resource offers lesson ideas of particular use for teachers of health and life skills, and career and life management.


Teaching Students with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: Building Strengths, Creating Hope

Alberta Learning Special Programs Branch (2004)

This resource guide provides teachers with strategies to better meet the learning needs of students with FASD, including basic information on FASD, assessment and diagnosis, structuring the learning environment and more.


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