Board of Directors

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Society for British Columbia (BC)

Governing Body for the Asante Centre

Board of Directors 2017-2018


The Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Society for British Columbia, a non-profit organization, employs a governance model in regard to the conduct of its board meetings. The Board of Directors hold quarterly meetings.


Lois B. Reimer, Chair

Lois B. Reimer first came to the Society in 2003 as a consultant on financial and operational processes and on-board models for profit and non-profit organizations.  She holds accreditation as a Certified Management Accountant and a Masters in Business Administration.  Lois worked for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation as the Senior Director Finance & Operations.  She retired in 2013 and is pursuing her interests in travelling including volunteer vacations, improving spoken and written Spanish skills, and volunteering locally as a literacy tutor.  She came onto the Board in 2003 leaving in 2006 to assist the Centre on a consultant basis.  She returned to the board in 2009 and was elected to the position of Chair.

Lois adopted her daughter who is affected by Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder in 1991.   This lead to the desire to learn as much as possible about FASD and how the individual affected, and the families can be supported.  She describes living with FASD as a continual learning process.


Laurie Geschke, Vice-Chair

Laurie Geschke has decades of board experience on both corporate and non-profit non-government organizations.  She is also passionately interested in advocacy to make people's lives better, and the fields of neuroscience, cognitive enhancement, learning pathways and the structure of intellect.  Laurie has four adult children; the second eldest has many labels, including autism.  Laurie is pleased to serve both the geographic community and the spectrum communities on this board.


Andrew Hargrave, Treasurer

Andrew Hargrave was asked to sit on the board in the summer of 2015. He brings a wealth of information to the role, having experience in the social service sector as a front line worker, as well as being the owner of a local web development firm. Andrew first had contact with the Asante Centre as a volunteer student while he was completing his Criminology Degree at Simon Fraser University. Now that he is working within the social services field Andrew is happy to be back with the Asante Centre serving on the board, and is hopeful to make a positive impact through this role.


Richard Palmer, Director

Richard Palmer is a resident of the Lower Mainland region of BC where he owns and operates an independent Business Technology Consulting firm. Specializing in business management, information technology and business operations, Richard brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in commercial enterprise, public sector, and NGO. He has participated as a volunteer in Prison Outreach programs. In addition, Richard founded a not for profit community athletic organization. Asked to sit on the Board in Jan 2017, Richard brings a passion and excitement for growth and hopes to make a positive and lasting contribution through this role.


Cathy Peterson, Secretary

Cathy became a director in July 2011. Cathy has been involved with the Asante Centre many years before becoming a director. Along with her husband she has been involved with the Ministry of Children and Family Development for over 25 years now as a foster parent to children who need love and direction. She definitely has an understanding of issues of children who live with FASD. Throughout their years they have welcomed many boys and girls, babies and teens into their home who have FASD, and watched them grow into beautiful people.  Some of these children have become clients of the Asante Centre. She still supports many as they strive to be independent, as children and adults with FASD need encouragement and hands on help. Cathy also is self employed, runs her business in Maple Ridge, and has a diploma in Early Childhood Education.

Steve Quinlan, Director

Stephen Quinlan joined the board after the AGM in 2017.  Steve has been a Registered Social Worker for 30 years and has practiced in England, Scotland and B.C.  Steve has a significant experience, serving people with a wide ranging need, such as, preparing youth to leave care, supporting families at risk of losing their children as well as adults with addiction and medal health challenges.  In 2015 Steve was the first recipient of the “Inspiring Social Worker of the Year” awarded by UBC and The B.C. Board of Registration of Social Workers for his work on quality improvement, in the "Case Administration Management System" (CAMS - named after his son) which is a database he started developed and grew to support 20 Community Social Service Agencies in B.C. to improve service quality; as well as his work in improving service delivery and ethical practices.  The award recognized his work of 20 years, working at PLEA where for the last five years had been one of the Director’s of the agency and was responsible for best practice development and CAMS, the database system.  He was also the Privacy Officer and the Complaints Officer for PLEA.  

In 2017 Steve was invited as a Subject Matter Expert to sit on a working party to set the minimum standard needed to pass the North American Board of Social Work Registration Exam. Also in 2017 Steve decided to work part time as a front line worker and he took a job as an Adult Addictions Counsellor at Alouette Addictions Services.  Steve has worked in the social services community in Maple Ridge for 20 years, where he lives and his two grown children, both his daughter and son are doing their undergraduate in Maths at UBC.   


Mary-Jane Reid, Director

Director as of Sept 2003 to present.

Mary-Jane became a Board Member in fiscal year 2003-2004.  As a social worker in the Ministry for Children and Family Development, Mary-Jane has been acutely aware of the myriad of issues involved with clients and families who are afflicted with FASD.


Erin Reimer-Mayzes, Director

Erin became a board member in September 2010.  Erin has received a diploma in Therapeutic Recreation from Douglas College and currently works as a Recreation Therapist specializing in senior care.  This is Erin's first time being involved with the board and she would like to share her experiences in hopes of furthering the education and understanding of FASD.