Board of Directors

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Society for British Columbia (BC)

Governing Body of the Asante Centre and Minga Marketplace

Board of Directors 2012-2013


The FASD Society for BC, a not-for-profit organization, employs a governance model in regard to the conduct of its board meetings.  Board of Directors meetings are held on the third Wednesday of every second month.


Lois B. Reimer, Chair

Lois B. Reimer first came to the Society as a consultant on financial and operational processes for business and on board models for profit and non-profit organizations.  She received accreditation as a Certified Management Accountant in 1984 and in 2003 completed a Masters degree in Business Administration.

She sat on the board for three and a half years before stepping off to assist the Executive Director as a business consultant.  In 2006, Lois left to work for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and continued to maintain contact with the Executive Director providing support and advice.  Lois returned to the Board in July 2009 and became Chair in September of that year.

Lois has been actively involved in researching material on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder since 1991 when she adopted her daughter who lives with FASD.


Laurie Geschke, Vice-Chair

In 2013, Laurie Geschke was invited to sit on the board of Directors of The Asante Centre because of her life experiences and knowledge about Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).  Laurie chose to remain at home to raise her four children and educate them while volunteering in many capacities and for a variety of organizations since the mid 1980's. 

In 1994 Laurie was appointed to a corporate board of a privately held company in a government-regulated industry in BC.  Three months into this experience the company was put under supervision, and after hiring a new CEO, was able to work itself out of supervision — an accomplishment that no other company in the industry had done before or has done since.  During her tenure (3 terms) on the board, the assets of the company grew from $56M to more than $123M.

From 2005 to 2008, Laurie served as the National President of a non-government organization (NGO) with United Nations Economic and Social Council (UN ECOSOC) accreditation.   She has founded and/or served on the boards of many other non-profit and charitable organizations in a variety of capacities.

Laurie is auto-didactic and has a broad range of interests including creating art cards, creating jewellery made with semi-precious stones and precious metals, and understanding brain development and cognition enhancement technologies, internet technologies and i-commerce, health and wellbeing, and nutrition.  She is bilingual (English and French) and also speaks some Spanish.

Andrew Hargrave, Director

Andrew Hargrave was asked to sit on the board in the summer of 2015. He brings a wealth of information to the role, having experience in the social service sector as a front line worker, as well as being the owner of a local web development firm. Andrew first had contact with the Asante Centre as a volunteer student while he was completing his Criminology Degree at Simon Fraser University. Now that he is working within the social services field Andrew is happy to be back with the Asante Centre serving on the board, and is hopeful to make a positive impact through this role

Edward Higham, Treasurer

Director and Treasurer as of June 2001 to present.

Edward Higham is the adoptive parent of a daughter with partial FAS.  He resides in Coquitlam and has recently retired from the Canada Revenue Agency as an Auditor.


Erin Reimer-Mayzes, Director

Erin became a board member in September 2010.  Erin has received a diploma in Therapeutic Recreation from Douglas College and currently works as a Recreation Therapist specializing in senior care.  This is Erin's first time being involved with the board and she would like to share her experiences in hopes of furthering the education and understanding of FASD.


Cathy Peterson, Director

Cathy became a board member in July 2011.  The Board of Directors is happy to have her as part of the team.


Mary-Jane Reid, Director

Director as of Sept 2003 to present.

Mary-Jane became a Board Member in fiscal year 2003-2004.  As a social worker in the Ministry of Children and Family Development, Mary-Jane has been acutely aware of the myriad of issues involved with clients and families who live with FASD.


Audrey Salahub, Executive Director

Audrey is the parent of two adults, one of whom has Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, a diagnosis within the spectrum of FASD.  Audrey has been a driving force behind broad community efforts to address the issue of FASD throughout BC.  Her vision and her outstanding efforts to mobilize individuals, families, and organizations were fundamental to the establishment of the Asante Centre.  Audrey was the project coordinator for the development of the book Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and the Criminal Justice System," written by Dr. Julianne Conry and Dr. Diane Fast.  Audrey has over ten years of experience as a family advocate, educator, and administrator.  She has been a member of the FAS Provincial Consultation Group and a resource parent for the Society for Special Needs Adoptive Parents (SNAP).  Audrey is an active member of the Maple Ridge Child, Youth and Family Network, the Ridge Meadows Early Child Development Committee, the UBC Interprofessional Continuing Education International Conference on FASD Planning Committee, the Aboriginal Health Improvement Committee, and the Fraser Health Child Health Collaborative Feasibility Group.


Advisory Board

Marilyn Vanbibber

Director as of June 2001, Vice Chair from Nov 2003 - Sept 2005, stepped down from Board Sept 2007 and joined the Advisory Board.

Marilyn is a self-employed consultant for First Nations organizations in the areas of Community Health, FASD and Treaty Negotiations. Marilyn is the author and principal researcher for "It Takes a Community - A Resource Manual for Community-Based Prevention of FAS/E". Marilyn has served on the board of the Society for many years and remains an advocate dedicated to educating the public on the issues and challenges associated with those whose lives are touched by FASD.

Marilyn is also a director of the British Columbia FAS Resource Society and is currently conducting research in the area of women and substance abuse.


Gord Kehler

Legal Advisor 2000-2004, Director from Sept 2004-Sept 2007, Vice Chair from 2005-2007 Stepped down as a Director and joined the Advisory Board.

Gord is associate counsel at the law firm MacKenzie Fujisawa LLP and has practised law since 1992. Gord studied at the University of Victoria where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1987 and a law degree in 1990.

Gord is a consistent advocate for the community and brings a great deal of knowledge and support along with him. Gord has contributed his skills in a wide range of areas such as a former president of the New Westminster Bar Association from 2000 to 2001, a Vice-President for Ridge Meadows Youth and Justice Advocacy Association from 1998 to the present, Advisor for the BritishColumbia FAS Resource Society, a Director of the Ridge Meadows Hospital Foundation from 1997 to 1999, a member of the Ridge Meadows Parks and Leisure Services Citizens Advisory Committee from 1995 to 1998 and the Chairman in 1998. Gord contributed his time and legal advice to the publication of the Book "Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and the Criminal Justice System" by Dr. Julianne Conry and Dr. Diane K. Fast.


Terri Smith

Director from Sept 2004 - September 2008. Joined the Advisory Board September 2008.

Terri is a resident of Pitt Meadows and has worked as a realtor at RE/MAX Ridge-Meadows Realty for the past 16 years. Terri has just celebrated her 27th wedding anniversary with her husband Greg. Terri and Greg have three children, Dalyn who is soon 26, Brent 24 and Kristi who is just turning 18.Their children have provided most of the direction to Terri's interests for the past 24 years. Two of her children are First Nations and she has become very interested and educated on their culture and enjoys learning and participating in First Nations Cultural Events. Two of Terri's children also live with FASD and this has been an area that both she and Greg have spent a lot of time being educated, educating others, advocating for their needs and trying their best at parenting and helping their children with finding their spot in life that will bring them much happiness and success.

Terri has also been involved in many other community events such as a committee member for 8 years for the Pitt Meadows Day celebration, Chairing the Host Committee for Ridge-Meadows Summer Games, and being involved in many fundraising events through out the community.

In her spare time Terri enjoys boating, dancing, scrapbooking and refinishing antiques.

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