Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Society for British Columbia (BC)

The FASD Society for BC is the governing body of the Asante Centre.



Compassionate, knowledgeable communities that work together to prevent FASD and to support individuals with FASD or other brain based disabilities and their families to reach their full potential.



To establish cooperative partnerships to advocate for, and participate in, intervention strategies and FASD prevention in order to create caring, knowledgeable environments that respect all persons.


End Statements

Individuals, families and communities will have the capacity the resources and the skills to identify and prioritize needs to assist those affected with FASD and other brain based disabilities.

  1. Incidence of FASD will be dramatically decreased.
  2. Children, youth and adults will have the best quality of life possible.
  3. ALL families with children, youth and adults play an essential role and will be supported, informed and acknowledged for their contributions.
  4. Children, youth and adults will be connected with and participate in their community, while recognizing that their individual contributions are important.
  5. Children, youth and adults will have timely, accessible ‘best practices’ services with family centered support before, during and after diagnosis.
  6. “Best practices” will be based on the most current research available.
  7. Communities will value children, youth and adults by supporting the realization of their full potential.
  8. Communities will have the capacity, the resources and the skills to identify and prioritize their role in supporting these children, youth and adults.


Adopted on April 4, 2012 by the FASD Society for BC's Board of Directors