"Youth with FASD find belonging in mentorship program"

A story was done by UBC Thunderbird Journalists on FASD and specifically, our FASD Youth Mentorship program! The link to the article can be found below.

Asante Centre’s FASD Peer Mentorship Group is a community-building program led by two adult mentors living with FASD. Participants who are currently involved in the program come each week to learn more about themselves and build meaningful relationships with others who have similar successes and challenges.

We are so thankful to Grace, one of the program participants, for sharing her side of the story. She is truly a wonderful young woman, doing amazing things for the FASD community by sharing her truth on this platform.

Here is the link to the article: https://thethunderbird.ca/2019/04/17/fasd-mentorship-program/

To find out more about our Group or One-on-One Mentorship program, please call Holly Wingert at 604-467-7101 ext. 108. If you would like to donate to our peer mentorship program, please click here.