Family & Community Support

Individual and family support have been integral components of the Asante Centre since its inception in 2000, providing individuals with developmental diversities, their families and service providers with support, intervention and information. 

A large portion of the family support role is responding to family needs before, throughout and post assessment. Possible diagnosis can be an extremely emotional topic for families, whether the individual  is being assessed for the first time or has known about their diversities for years. Individuals arriving for an assessment may experience anxiety due to preconceptions of a diagnosis or any "testing" situation. It is imperative to help the person prepare for the day, including discussion the purpose of the assessment, who they will be meeting with, what will be expected of them and more, as is appropriate for the client's developmental age. Showing pictures of the Centre and normalizing assessments may help lower anxiety, though the most crucial component is to have a trusted support person attend the duration of the appointment with the client - no matter their age. While assessment and diagnosis are imperative to increasing positive life outcomes, the benefits of assessment are vastly diminished without the necessary support to participate in the process and the ability to connect with appropriate services.

The Asante Centre recognizes that the needs of individuals and their support networks are very unique.  We strive to offer services and connect to resources in the community as often as possible, based on the needs identified by the person, their family, service providers, and the assessment results.

The Centre responds to inquiries from across the province regarding resources or services pertinent to different aspects of FASD, ASD and other complex developmental needs. These may include employment, the justice system, parenting, advocacy or the school system, as well as requests for educational materials or workshops. Contact us if you have questions.