Dr. Linda Weaver

Registered Psychologist

Dr. Weaver specializes in neuropsychological and psych-educational assessment. She lives and works on the very North end of Vancouver Island, and for the past 10 years has been in private practice. She has traveled up and down the coast, providing assessment services to schools, colleges, universities, the First Nation Educational Steering Committee, and the Vancouver Island Child Assessment Network. Prior to moving to BC, Dr. Weaver studied psychology at the University of Calgary and completed an Internship in neuropsychological assessment at the Foothills Centre for Excellence in Health Care. In Alberta, she worked in hospitals with adults, was an adjunct assistant professor with the University of Calgary’s Department of Psychology, and enjoyed teaching graduate students. She had a private practice specializing in brain injury, stroke and assessment of competence for guardianship/ trusteeship, as well as the assessment of children and youth in care. She has a special interest in FASD and working as part of a multi-disciplinary team, to provide comprehensive assessments and recommendations.