Robyn Matthews

Project Coordinator

Robyn Matthews, BA, CADC, joined the Asante Centre in 2015 as the Family and Community Support Coordinator. With her background in mental health and substance abuse and strong commitment to early childhood development, her ability to advocate for vulnerable children, youth, adults and families makes her a valuable asset to the Asante team. Robyn’s role at the Asante Centre is multifaceted, in that she provides wrap-around support to youth, adults, their families, caregivers and support providers throughout the entire FASD assessment process- including those involved in the Criminal Justice System; facilitating continuity of care. Robyn is actively involved in the development of resources and community education and she passionately contributes to research and development. Robyn’s innovative strength based approach towards working with youth, adults and their families has a positive impact on individuals and the community, further facilitating awareness, knowledge, support and understanding surrounding FASD.