Specialized Primary Healthcare & Physician Consultation

Please note: we are not accepting new referrals for primary care or physician consultations at this time

People who have experienced developmental stressors have complex health issues, differing from those of the general population. Diagnoses are recognized as “full-body” and have significant impacts on the brain as well as cellular development, the immune system, brain chemistry for mental health and addiction, metabolic systems, skeletal formulation, organ development, and more.

These general, physical, behavioural, and mental health concerns require adapted procedures; this includes greater involvement of caregivers and community collaboration to help offset the intellectual, communication, memory, and reasoning symptoms experienced.

Family physicians with additional training in developmental diversities see patients and build understanding of their unique healthcare needs.

Physicians are available for ongoing service as the person's general practitioner, as well as consultation with community general practitioners to enhance patient care across BC. Virtual health options are available.

Call reception at the Asante Centre's Surrey office (778.564.7101) to make a referral. Services are covered through MSP.