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Neufeld Farms Fundraiser

by Caitlin Toews, posted on 8:17 AM, March 30, 2016


It’s Official: BBQ season is here!

What better way to prepare than to stock up on delicious items for your summer BBQ?

The Asante Centre is holding a fundraiser with Neufeld Farms.  Neufeld Farms offers a variety of delicious options for your spring/summer BBQ including skewers, Canada Grade A Chicken, burgers, surf and turf and delicious locally made entrees. They even have dessert!

Here are the details:

All orders are due by April 21, 2016, and delivery of orders (to the Asante Centre) will be Wednesday, May 4th at 5:00pm.

We do not have freezer space in our office, so please be available to pick up your order at the time of delivery.

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